Poor Claudia published poetry, prose and conversations online and in print from 2009 to 2018.

Natalie Briggs & Fern Wiley


or let that settle in the water

I have been very

watchful / all the while

the moon looking into the room

hard to tell / who gets closer

to knowing

or let desire become the word trust

we outgrow truth / only ever

the view from dreaming / still

calling out the names of planets

in your / gravel voice

or let a house fall down

the discipline of being / or tempting

the weather towards change

you are a woman / you do not move

becoming incremental / making holes

in white paper / holes as big as this room

big / as my body is for you now

or let the floorboards

at this table

I know every woman

I have loved / sits

very certain of her hands

or let the clothes hanging in your closet

the room is a collarbone / the bone breaks

in my big hands / the exchange makes me / larger

so large / I need / more space / the black

chair / the cat / the bowls in the kitchen / who

are you going to love when I / become them

or let a hollow in something

the room warns / laments/ saying

I am the temple you visit on Sunday

your love from elsewhere and only

when you need / forgiveness

or let this disclose color

the sea / makes it

so far from itself

you have done this work

for the sea / you did not

earn anything for it

or let instinct free from remorse

when I left / the room says

it was simple / but to return

I had to scale cliffs / I had to swim

or let image grieve

pain / open like a mouth

nights still hot / the moon doesn’t

remember ever having been here

the moons light touch / messes in the dark

waiting on her from inside

of bodies / the earth quakes

the earth still doesn’t need / our love

a counterpoint for belief / never fails

just like / the moon / getting sad

refusing / to drag / the sea

Natalie Briggs & Fern Wiley

I/You is a conversational piece between visual artist Fern Wiley and Natalie Briggs. It is an attempt to tap into, even travel along the exchanges and connections taking place in Fern's work. Natalie believes that images keep secrets that words never can, and it was a challenge to respond without giving too much away. The minimal and expressive nature of Fern's drawings acted on the desire Natalie has to write herself into simplicity, into the very center of direction.

Natalie Briggs grew up in Australia and has been living in Portland, OR for the last few years. Her work has appeared in Lexicon Polaroid, Jerkpoet, and is forthcoming this fall from Pank.

Fern Wiley is a visual artist living and working in Portland, OR.