Poor Claudia published poetry, prose and conversations online and in print from 2009 to 2018.

Dorothy Howard

Three Poems

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  • II.
  • V.


Sometimes, after a new pattern of moving,
the legs change their shape without your knowing it
you look down and feel them, slightly unfamiliar,
but you are pleased.
it happens to be a quality, which
those that have the privilege
to travel and also those that must move suddenly
against their will, know. New Yorkers with triangular legs
like pizza slices, and impact jewelry
you must be strong to walk over others
For the first two weeks here I was
so sore, worthless, I think I
tweeted, ‘New York is one giant stair stepper’
but that’s just the first of it


I have not told anyone about you, not because,
in case of any question,
there is a delay in my behavior
of the sort that is misleading.
i can tell you are discomforted by my
'general malaise,' i call it
you called yourself a 'sack of potatoes' when
you were bummed which was a way of saying
you didn’t want to be bummed.
but i like being bummed with another person
two people being bummed together.
today i said ‘holy moly’ unsarcastically
as i left a gilded and marbled bathroom
you said ‘jiminey’, a shortening of ‘jiminey cricket’
i felt bummed
maybe i will buy groceries on my walk home
there’s this one place where you get
really ripe mangoes and plantains for so cheap
everything is $1 i’ll come home and pet the corgie
my mood is shifting, sinking i feel
the corgie sits down on the sidewalk
i forgot to wear a bra and cross my arms in front of my chest
there are people on the stoop,
always new people, talking,
the corgie sits on the stoop and i tug at it
there is more in this building to know,
an empty courtyard, the air locked
a garbage in the back with furniture,
a mirror i take and scrub
there is only so much
i will try not to be misleading


When crying tiny pockets of sadness
disbursed in you come together
and mingle crying is a party
of all these pockets. when crying
I focus on one pocket for a moment
then switch to another,
then back again.
I test out how the sadnesses relate,
what happens when they congeal.

Dorothy Howard

Dorothy Howard is a poet, writer, illustrator and Wikipedian living in Brooklyn, NY.