Poor Claudia published poetry, prose and conversations online and in print from 2009 to 2018.

Robert Balun

Three Poems

  • from Patterns
  • from Patterns
  • Echo Lake

from Patterns

[door rattles]

wind trying

to get in

because we didn’t today
we should eat tomorrow

douse rosewater
while the song d​eath p​lays its round

all of the embarrassing
ways the world has
ground you down
in the shape of today

how planets are made
in generations of impact and abrasion

all of the ways you stand

vibrating particle sonata

a shape you walk through

the tenor

I wish you’d knock my teeth out

I’d like to be unrecognizable

that’s called a performance

from Patterns


the out of season fruit
a favored vitamin

before I disappear
into the unsteady

ground and
cold air sharp
on the lungs

the floor is definitely gray

in passing some
all thresh and bark
to be sure
they are

in the


take my bones

they are all ephemerals

Echo Lake

I want to
crawl through
the ecosystem
until I
feel ancient

Robert Balun

Robert Balun teaches creative writing and composition at The City College of New York. His poems have recently appeared in Apogee, Bodega, Cosmonauts Avenue, and others. He completed his MFA at CCNY in 2014.